About Us

About Us

Since its establishment in 1980, with the experience of years and a story of 42 years of success, Seher Furniture has made rapid advancements in the furniture sector, making its name known among the top. With its product diversity in every area of furniture, creating a difference in design, the importance it places on quality, innovation, reliability, and after-sales services, Seher Furniture continues to rapidly add value to the sector and make new breakthroughs not only in Turkey but also in Germany, Europe, and the Middle East, establishing itself as a trusted brand.

Above all, with a principle and approach focused on people, Seher Furniture reflects the natural state of comfort and luxury in every aspect of its products and services, anticipating innovative and new market trends in every piece of home furniture, continuously growing and expanding its production and service areas through investments. With an innovative mindset in every sense and combining quality with the fastest delivery, the best price, and the best service approach, Seher Furniture keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront, constantly elevating its own standards and those of the industry day by day.

Designed to meet the standards of all the countries it sells to, without compromising on quality, comfort, and luxury, Seher Furniture combines fashion with elegance and comfort for those who want to make a difference in their living spaces. From functional seating groups to dining rooms, bedrooms to children and youth rooms, beds, bases, and coffee tables, to complementary products, Seher Furniture offers a wide variety of special collections, bringing hundreds of products with different tastes and spaces to modern comfort enthusiasts around the world.

Demonstrating its difference with applications that make life easier, in addition to the preferences of its customers in color and design, Seher Furniture meets many needs related to home furniture under one roof with its concept stores, both domestically and abroad, meeting with its customers within the framework of an everything-for-the-home approach with its innovative line in the furniture sector.

Covering Turkey with its sales points offering decades of knowledge and trust in every region of Turkey, Seher Furniture's biggest goal is to advance rapidly towards becoming a world brand. Currently, Seher Furniture, offering products under brands such as Seher, Bomis, Bader, Luxyay, Albena to over 50 countries, proudly carries Turkish quality abroad with the Made In Kayseri Furniture brand through hundreds of sales points in many countries including Germany, Iraq, Switzerland, Austria, America, the Netherlands, Libya, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Hungary, the UK, Belgium, and France.

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